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Tombros Fellows of the CESE

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Tombros Fellows of the CESE develop and implement innovative teaching methodologies, assessment techniques and new courses in ECOS courses.


To encourage and foster the development and implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, and new courses. These initiatives can focus on lecture or lab courses, or on strategies that enable faculty, graduate and/or undergraduates engaged in teaching to achieve higher levels of excellence.

Fellows meet monthly to discuss progress and annually the results of the proposed projects will be shared with colleagues and the CESE Advisory Board.

2012 Tombros Fellows:

Sarah Ades & Ken Keiler - BMB

Stephen Van Hook - Physics

2013 Tombros Fellows:

Meredith Defelice

Jennifer Tan

Apply to be one of the 2015 Tombros Fellows of the CESE:


Tombros Fellows of the Center for Excellence in Science Education Grant Proposals:

The Penn State Eberly College of Science is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2015 Tombros Fellows of the Center for Excellence in Science Education (CESE). The mission of the CESE is to provide faculty and students a collaborative educational network that promotes and facilitates excellence in teaching and learning across the Eberly College of Science. The Tombros CESE Fellows Program is intended to encourage and foster the development and implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, and new courses.  Faculty may propose the implementation of strategies that have been shown to be particularly successful at other institutions; in such cases, you may want to consider reviewing the practical strategies found on the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative website: fellowship is for one year and provides 1 month of summer salary support as well as administrative assistance. At the end of the year, each fellow (or team) will produce a final report that will appear on the CESE web site and will present the project outcomes at a CESE sponsored seminar to our University STEM Community.

This opportunity is open to all members of the Eberly? College community engaged in teaching. Fellowship applicants are asked to send a 3-page description of the proposed project to Dr. Jackie Bortiatynski at  For more information on the required proposal elements please see the CESE web site ( We anticipate supporting 2-3 Fellows in 2015 by providing supplemental salary and administrative assistance.  Optional statements of interest are encouraged and will be reviewed between November 1 and December 31, 2014.  Full proposals will be reviewed between January 1 2015 and February 28, 2015. For additional information, please contact Jackie Bortiatynski ( and past Tombros CESE Fellows.

Application Requirements:

Anyone considering applying for a fellowship is encouraged to submit a 1-2 paragraph statement of interest describing the goals of the proposed project to by the end of Fall Semester, 2014 The CESE director and advisory board will provide feedback on the suitability of the project and give assistance with sections of the full application, described below. Additional information, including past fellowship projects, is available on this page. 

Full proposals should be no more than 4 pages long and include the following elements:

  • Title page: Include the names of the principal faculty members, their departmental affiliations, the courses involved, and the project type (interdisciplinary, introductory course, general education, etc.)
  • Abstract: Provide a brief abstract summarizing the proposal 
  • Learning Objectives: Describe what should be known or enabled at the end of the project
  • Project Impact and Need: Describe the anticipated effect of the proposal in regard to undergraduate education in the Eberly College
  • Project Description: Provide a description of the goals and outcomes of the proposed research
  • Assessment Tools: Describing how the success of the project will be measured
  • Timeline: Provide an outline of how the project will be carried out over the fellowship year.
  • Project Budget


Proposals will be evaluated by multiple reviewers using the CESE Fellows Rubric (download). Selection will be based on alignment with the CESE mission, proposal clarity and quality, and impact and potential scalability across the college and University.

The Selection of the Tombros Fellow Awards Are Based on the Following Factors:

  • Alignment with the CESE’s mission
  • Proposal clarity and quality
  • Impact and scalability
  • Proven success at other institutions
  • Rationale and justification of costs/expenses


Dissemination Requirement

One of the most valuable assets of this program is the sharing of your findings with our College community. You will be required to give a formal presentation or workshop at the end of the project period and provide the CESE with a synopsis of your project objectives and findings for the CESE website.