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Tombros Fellows of the CESE: Sarah Ades & Ken Keiler - BMB

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Description of Sarah Ades' and Ken Keiler's CESE fellowship project

Integrating Research and Learning

The goal of this fellowship project is to develop a two course laboratory sequence that will provide a deep and significant research experience in biochemistry and molecular biology, including ethical and societal issues in science. The first course is an inquiry-based introductory lab course designed to initiate students in the practice of science and to prepare them to perform research throughout the rest of their education. This course emphasizes understanding science as a discipline while also teaching important laboratory techniques and standards. The second course integrates open-ended primary research with a student-driven seminar. Each section of the course is organized around an important theme in biochemistry and molecular biology, and is affiliated with a group of research laboratories that have different experimental approaches to address the theme. Students perform independent research as part of a community of practice in one of the research laboratories, and meet weekly with other students from their section in a seminar focused on research methods, results, and ethical and societal issues that are important for the theme. In this format, students learn how to define an interesting scientific question, gather information outside a classroom, and synthesize and present material to their peers. Students will participate in this course on an ongoing basis, culminating with a senior thesis.