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Responsibilities of a LA

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1)  Take a science pedagogy class for LA training.

  • Most students will take this class in the same semester that they first serve as an LA, but it is also possible to take this class in advance.
  • Starting Fall 2017, all pedagogy courses will be offered as SC220 courses.  Please contact Dr. Jennelle Malcos ( to be registered for SC220


2). Attend class sessions, recitation sections, or out of class homework sessions as assigned by the faculty in charge of the course that you LA for.

  • Each LA must regularly attend classes for the course she or he supports.


3) Maintain open lines of communication with all of the instructors.

  • Seek assistance in understanding all relevant course work that you will be facilitating.
  • Bring to the attention concerns raised by students regarding the course.
  • If a problem with a participant or fellow facilitator arises which is beyond a facilitator’s ability to handle, she or he should notify the instructor the LA Program Coordinator immediately.


4). Participate in other duties instructors may value.

  • Take attendance at any out of class workshops
  • Assisting in identifying and encouraging future LAs
  • Mentoring other LAs and/or participate in their training


It is also important to know the ways in which LAs are not expected to serve. LAs do NOT:

  • take the place of the instructor.
  • take the place of Teaching Assistants.
  • create course curriculum.
  • grade critical assignments.
  • have to be experts in the course.