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LA Informational Posters

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Links to the posters presented at the Learning Assistant Poster Session

Achieving High Self-Efficacy and its Effect on Learning
Benefits of Learning Assistants in Physics Recitations
Gender Bias in Science Education
The Impact on Students of Misconceptions/Preconceptions
Getting Faculty to Promote Metacognition in Students

Active Learning
Impact of Electronic Devices in Upper Level Classes
Interactive Lectures
The Inverted Classroom
The Learning Environment

The Benefits of Collaborative Learning
Group Learning
Group Learning in Freshman Chemistry 
Motivation and Focus in Collaborative Learning

Understanding Causes of High Attrition Rates for STEM Majors
Instructor Influence on Student Retention in STEM Disciplines

Effects of Multiple Choice Versus Free Response Assessment on Cognitive Processing
Multiple Choice Versus Free Response Questions on Science Exams

Spring Learning Assistant Pedagogy Course Posters 

Analysis on the Effects Classroom Size Has on Overall Student Performance
How Do Classroom Environments Affect Student's Academic Performance?
Classroom Environment Effects on Higher Learning
Gender Discrepancy in STEM
Classroom Design & Student Learning in the Sciences
Audience Response Systems and Their Effect on the Classroom
Selecting a Classroom Seat: Does Your Choice Impact Your Academic Performance?

Collaborative Learning Outside the Classroom 
Common Issues with Group Projects and Ways to Improve Them
The Benefits of Cooperative Learning in the Sciences
Collaborative Group Work as a Learning Tool
The Importance of Peer Learning in the Context of College Level Forensic Science EducationLearning Efficiency in Research-Based Courses vs. Traditional Teaching Courses
Teaching Without Lecturing
Hands on Statistics: Active Learning in College
Effects of Physical Activity on Academic Performance
Experimentation and Demonstration in the Classroom
Effects of Coupled Active Learning and Review
Advantages of Project Based Learning in Science Courses
PHY211 Learning Assistant
Problem Based Learning (PBL): An Investigation of the Link to Student Motivation

The Effectiveness of Online Classes Versus Traditional Classes
Benefits of Online Learning in Post-Secondary Education
Evaluation and Comparison of Online Courses Versus Face-to-Face Courses
Student-Rated Effectiveness of Virtual Learning as a Replacement Pedagogical Tool
Surface Learning Versus Deep Learning

A Review of Metacognition in Science Education: Combating Procrastination and Increasing Student Efficacy
Do You Know What You Think You Know? The Role of Metacognition in Elementary Statistics 
Working Through Pre-Existing Knowledge and Misconceptions
Student Motivation: Keeping Motivated in Large Lecture Halls

Comparison of Assessment Formats in Science Exams 
The Positives and Negatives of Open Note Exams