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Responsibilities of Faculty

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1)  Be open to engaged learning in the classroom

  • Engaged learning means that students become active in their learning and have a voice in their education.
  • Activities often include clicker questions, case students, problem sets, interactive games or worksheets.


2). Willingness to meet regularly and have open communications with LAs

  • Faculty should plan on meeting weekly with LAs to discuss content, common misconceptions within the content, course climate, student issues and other feedback.
  • Deeper conversations about how LAs are helping to achieve course goals/objectives or how assignments help achieve course goals/objectives with strengthen the instructional team. 
  • This does mean being open to different perspectives with the willingness to change.


3)  Provide support for LAs with course material

  • Faculty should provide access to necessary course content, including keys to activities (or discussion of correct answers)


4). Provide a final grade for LAs

  • LAs receive 1 credit of SC240 or BIOL400 for their participation as a LA and will require a final grade
  • Faculty are provided a general syllabus for SC240 from CESE that can be modified for individual courses
  • All LAs should be given this syllabus and understand their specific responsibilities for the course they LA.


5). Assess the effectiveness of LAs

  • This can be completed with SRTEs, focus groups, mid-semester evaluations, simple anonymous clicker questions or through conversations with students.