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Thinking about LAs?

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Initial questions to consider before you get started with LAs.


  • Is there a time that you wish you had extra help engaging students?
  • Do you have the time and desire to work with an instructional team?
  • Are you open to engaged learning in the classroom and willing to try associated techniques?



  • How will I select my LAs?
    • Do I want to interview each applicant or have other LAs interview?
    • What criteria do I value in a LA?



  • Will LAs work in lecture, recitation or with a Penn State Learning GSG?
  • What specific task(s) will LAs complete?
    • Are there topics your students find challenging?
    • Are there activities that you wish you had extra help?



  • Do you want LAs to hold office hours or LA group sessions?



  • Do you have time to meet with your LAs once a week?
  • Do you enjoy mentoring students in leadership, communication and professional skills?
  • Are you open to authentic conversations with LAs about your teaching?


CESE can help with any of these areas.  Please contact Dr. Jennelle Malcos ( with any questions.