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How to Register LAs

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Once you have selected LAs for your class:

  1. If they are new, they need to complete SC220 training.  This class meets for seven weeks and provides a general pedagogical background on how learning works and techniques LAs can use to facilitate learning.  Current time for SC220 for Fall include: Mondays 4:30PM-6:00PM, Mondays or Wednesdays 6:00PM-7:00PM, or Thursdays 9:00AM-10:30AM.  Lists of students needing SC220 and their requested semesters can be emailed to  Please include the LA's 9-digit ID number.  
  2. If they are a new or returning, they need to be registered in SC240.  This is the course that gives LAs compensation for their work in your class.  LAs can register themselves for SC240 the first week of the semester.
  3. At the end of the semester, you will be asked to provide a grade for your LAs work for SC240.