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2015 Tombros Fellows Project Information

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2015 Tombros Fellows of the Center for Excellence in Science Education

The Tombros Fellows program is intended to encourage and foster the development and implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, and new courses in the Eberly College of Science. The Center for Excellence in Science Education (CESE) is pleased to announce the 2015 Tombros Fellows. 

  • Dr. Kari Lock-Morgan, Assistant Professor of Statistics, is initiating a project that focuses on the transformation of Introduction to Biostatistics (STAT 250) using a simulation methods approach to introduce real data from biology and medicine in lecture, lab, homework, and exams. Dr. Lock-Morgan tested a version of this new curriculum in the Spring 2015 semester with 250 students. 
  • Dr. Philip Bevilacqua, Professor of Chemistry, is engaging in a project that focuses on the transformation of CHEM 110H, an Honors version of the first semester introduction to chemistry. Dr. Bevilacqua is proposing to use a nontraditional approach to encourage students to learn fundamental concepts via experimental observations in the context of real life case-based problems. The transformation strategy used for this project will lead to reforms in the large introductory general chemistry course, CHEM 110. 
  • Dr. Charles Anderson, Assistant Professor of Biology, is focusing on the development of a freshman research course entitled "Fast Farming" that will allow students to acquire real-time, global information on climate and agriculture through social media and Geographic Information Systems platforms, and to perform laboratory-based genetic screening and molecular biology experiments. The goal of the learning and research carried out in this course is to communicate knowledge and research results to farmers around the world to help them more effectively adapt to climate change and produce food for their communities.

The three 2015 Tombros Fellows will serve as members of the CESE Advisory Board over the next two years and will share the progress of these exciting projects during the Spring of 2016 CESE seminar series. Please join us in congratulating them on being selected for this year's program!