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James Hager

James Hager

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  • Senior Lecturer Mathematics Department
  • Coordinator First Year Business Calculus Programs
  • Faculty Resident Scholar - Mathematics and Physical Sciences
211 McAllister Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-8753


Dr. James Hager received his B.S/M.A. degrees in Mathematics in 1975 from the Pennsylvania State University, and his PhD in Mathematics from Stanford University in 1980. His areas of expertise/current research include optimization strategies for scheduling of severely constrained resources, mathematics-based, formal hybrid theorem proving approaches, basic research/science related to geo-intelligence processing and multi-source, multi-intelligence fusion, automated trust negotiation, and data fusion approaches within human, social, cultural, and behavior models.

Hager is also a Senior Research Scientist for SRI International, a research laboratory formed by Stanford University, focused on signal processing, and command and control architectures. Additionally, he holds the position of Faculty Resident Scholar in Math and Physical Sciences to Penn State Learning.

He has taught a variety of undergraduate mathematics classes at Franklin and Marshall College, Stanford University, and the Pennsylvania State University. He is currently a coordinator for first year undergraduate mathematics classes, and is responsible for the monthly instructional-faculty Teaching Seminar series.